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Bel Aire Chinoiserie Mural

Our Expertise, Murals

We have over 250 murals to choose from in our library. Select from different styles: Chinoiserie, European Panoramic, Modern Asian and Repeating Pattern Sidewalls on a variety of ground types.

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Maysong Spring Chinoiserie Mural



We simply love Chinoiserie. Each Paul Montgomery mural in our library features amazing detail in vibrant colors. We have Chinoiserie murals of all colors, ranging in heights and motifs.

Paradiso Panoramic Mural


european panoramic

Our second love is what we call "European Panoramic" murals. These murals are unique in their style and representation of romantic landscapes. This collection features reproductions of centuries-old murals like Paradiso and Tremezzo, as well as modern Paul Montgomery creations like Virginia, Floridana, and Pastorale.

Hedgerow Copper Modern Mural


Modern Influence

This collection takes inspiration from more traditional Chinoiserie and rethinks classic motifs to create something new. Browse our Modern Collection to see flora, fauna, and traditional composition in a new light, or shape!

Rio Silver Mural


specialty type ii

Our Specialty "Endūr Collection" represents the current capabilities of printing technology on Type II Materials. You won't believe it's vinyl! This collection includes a series of murals printed on metallic and textured grounds to transform the room.

Paul Montgomery Framed Art


framed art

This collection from Paul Montgomery arrives framed and ready to hang! Each piece has been selected and optimized specifically for framing as a unique work of art. For those who don't have the space for a mural, these framed pieces are the solution.

Beautifying your home is simple when you choose mural wallpaper from MuralSources. These picturesque Chinoiseries and decorative murals are fine reproductions of the hand-painted originals, gathered from the most talented and exclusive studios of Asia. Scenes on these mural panels include wonderful gardens and natural environments populated with lovely birds, butterflies, and insects.

These selections offer a variety of color schemes to meet most interior needs. As we do not offer customization, our mural wallpaper is available only in the colors and sizes shown. We also offer plain “sky” panels and “under window” mural panels to extend the murals as needed. They look great installed floor-to-ceiling or above a chair rail. Wrap an entire room, create an accent wall, or frame a few panels within wall mounted moldings. Our Chinoiseries and decorative murals are an excellent value for sophisticated design rich with timeless beauty. Look at the selections available and place an order with us today.
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Japanese Art Deco Mural Kimono

Chinoiserie mural inspired by modern Art Deco Japanese design. Flowing branches blow on a gentle breeze while a uniquely stylized river swirls below.

Seashore Mural Seashore

Modern chinoiserie mural inspired by the beach. Chinoiserie with sand and waves and sandpipers.

Horses Equus

This unique mural design depicts a field of horses in a modern chalk-charcoal art style. Now Available in Silver Metallic!
Available Colors

Quiet Park Quiet Park

Quiet Park combines a classic trellis pattern with exotic parrots in a modern Chinese painting.

Rio Tropical Mural Rio

This unique design shows a modern tropical banana leaf design. Now Available in Silver Metallic!

Bananas Bananas

This unique design shows a modern banana leaf design.

Margaux Margaux

Chinoiserie with brightly colored birds, cherry blossoms and branches descending from above
Available Colors

Chinese Trellis Chinese Trellis

Chinese Trellis is a modern iteration of traditional Chinese bamboo patterns.

India Scenic Mural India

Romantic depiction of classical India filled with elephants, camels, temples and iconic Indian architecture.

English Parks Mural English Parks Grisaille

Classical monochrome mural depicting English luxury gardens.

Paradise Trellis Paradise Trellis

Paradise Trellis combines a modern iteration of a graceful Chinese bamboo pattern with a group of exotic "birds of paradise".
Alternate Colors

Cherry Blossoms White Cherry Blossoms White

This unique design descends with cherry blossoms on a breeze.

Herons & Willows Modern Mural Herons & Willows

Modern inspired Japanese mural with White herons and willow branches blowing in the breeze.
Available Colors

African Cranes Modern Mural African Cranes

Modern inspired Chinoiserie mural with African Cranes in a West-African environment.

Herons & Willows Modern Mural Herons & Willows (2)

Modern inspired Japanese mural with White herons and willow branches blowing in the breeze.

Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper Emperor's Garden

Chinoiserie mural showcases an ornate Chinese courtyard, with colorful birds, blooming trees and traditional Chinese Imperial architecture.
Available Colors

Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper Enchanted Garden

Chinoiserie mural charms with colorful birds, colorful blooming trees and tropical plants.

Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper Enchanted Shoji Screen

Chinoiserie mural with shoji screen charms with colorful birds, colorful blooming trees and tropical plants.

Traditional Silver Chinoiserie Wallpaper Enchanted Garden Silver

Chinoiserie mural charms with colorful birds, colorful blooming trees and tropical plants on stunning silver ground.

Modern Ultraviolet Chinoiserie Wallpaper Chanteur Ultraviolet

Chinoiserie with Pantone Ultraviolet color of the year, charms with monochromatic birds, blooming trees and on stunning sparkling ground.

Rio Tropical Mural Wallpaper Rio Silver

Modern Banana leaf pattern on silver metallic wallpaper.

Alcedines Silver Wallpaper Alcedines Silver

Alcedines Silver is a mural of the waters edge with colorful birds, swimming koi and hanging willow branches.

Ink Brush Chinoiserie Wallpaper Bamboo Forest Beige

Chinoiserie mural of tall misty bamboo trees, with lively song birds on a textured Type II Wallcovering.

Ink Brush Chinoiserie Metallic Wallpaper Bamboo Forest Ultraviolet

Chinoiserie mural of tall misty bamboo trees, with lively song birds on a metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Speckled Metallic Chinoiserie Wallpaper Carolina Silver Speckle

Chinoiserie mural delights with white blooming trees and golden bird on a speckled metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Modern Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper Chanteur Silver

Modern Chinoiserie mural charms with a subtly textured ground that sparkles under angled lighting.

Modern Equestrian Wallpaper Equus Silver

Equus Silver is a unique piece in a modern chalk-and-charcoal style depicting a field of horses at rest and at play.

Grasses Gold Wallpaper Grasses Gold

Grasses Gold is a design utilizing the masterful watercolor technique to create a wistful scene on a gold metallic Type II Wallcovering.

Hedgerow Copper Wallpaper Hedgerow Copper

Hedgerow is a modern mural, depicting a stylized hedgerow with lively leaves.

High Grove Steel Wallpaper High Grove Steel

High Grove Antiqued Chinoiserie mural is a scene with detailed pheasants and flying birds in a grove of white-barked Aspen trees.