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These beautiful Chinoiserie mural selections from MuralSources are fine reproductions of the hand-painted originals, gathered from the most talented and exclusive studios of Asia. Designers and homeowners alike love our chinoserie mural designs. Review the options available here and choose the right design for your space.


Mural Source’s Worldview collection features classical panoramic reproductions of antique mural wallpaper and art panels from the French manufacturers of the 18th and 19th Century, interspersed with new designs of natural environments, historical scenes and idyllic locales. Invest in one of these murals to revitalize any living space.

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Roses Blue Roses Blue

Chinoiserie mural showcases colorful birds and a variety of rose bushes and trees.

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Spring Garden Cream Mural Spring Garden Cream

Chinoiserie wallpaper depicting lotus flowers, flowering trees and waterfowl.

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Morning Garden Beige Morning Garden Beige

Beige chinoiserie mural with lively sparrows in bamboo grove.

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Carolina Breeze Antiqued Carolina Breeze Antiqued

Chinoiserie with red cardinals, dogwood blooms and branches descending from above.

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Collingwood Collingwood

Small spring-themed Chinoiserie with peony flowers and fantastic birds.

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Celeste Cream Celeste Cream Mural

Chinese stylized clouds painted with flying birds.

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Chanteur Antiqued Chanteur Antiqued

Blue chinoiserie mural with heavy antique effect featuring spring blossoms and birds.

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Dania Dania

Tropical chinoiserie with colorful birds, tropical palms and blooming trees.

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Solitude Cream Solitude Cream

Subtle chinoiserie mural with sparrows, pheasants and white flowering trees.

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Derbyshire Antiqued Derbyshire Antiqued

Panoramic landscape mural of the English countryside with idyllic scenes in antiqued effect.
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Tremezzo Tremezzo

Italian landscape mural with classical architectural and waterside motif.

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Maysong Green Maysong Green

Chinoiserie mural with large, colorful pheasants in a flowering forest.

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Bamboo Forest Antiqued Bamboo Forest Antiqued Mural

Traditional antiqued Chinese watercolor mural of stylized bamboo and birds.

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Fantastique Fantastique

A whimsical adaptation of Chinoiserie ornament that makes an enlightened statement.

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High Grove Beige High Grove Beige

Mural with colorful birds in a grove of Aspen trees.

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Maysong Cream Maysong Cream

A Chinoiserie mural filled with small, colorful birds in a flowering forest.

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Palace Garden Beige Palace Garden Beige

Beige chinoiserie mural in subtle colors, large blooms and flying birds.

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Porcelains Diptych Porcelains Diptych

Chinoiserie wallpaper diptych depicting flowers and vases.
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Maysong Mint Triptych Maysong Mint Triptych

Lovely chinoiserie vignette with large white blooms, white herons and colorful pheasants on cool mint background.

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Carlotta Carlotta

Panoramic landscape mural of idyllic Italian scenery.

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