Mural Sources: The World's Premium Source for Hand Painted & Digital Murals

Elegant décor and a touch of personal aesthetic can help to transform a house into a home. Wallpaper and wall art are one of the most effective ways to create an ambiance in any room, and both digital and hand painted murals, wallpapers, and panels truly make a statement!

Mural Sources is the boutique source for high quality, sophisticated designer murals in a variety of themes, colors, and tones. From lovely Chinoiserie to elegant panoramic views to luxurious Renaissance styles, there is truly something for everybody and every interior aesthetic. Within our carefully curated collections, we offer both hand painted and digitally printed murals and art pieces in the highest resolution and on the very best of papers. That means immediate style and timelessness with each installation.

Whether you’re looking for something bold and attention-grabbing or muted and subdued, bring art to your walls with the gorgeous wallpaper murals and art panels of Mural Sources!

Porcelains White
Price per panel $249.00
Price per panel $229.00
Maysong Charcoal Triptych
Price per set $699.00
Richwood Green Triptych
Price per set $599.00